Low power consumption 15Mbps high-speed IC-photocoupler

Paul Boughton

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a photocoupler that combines 15Mbps high-speed communication with low power consumption. The TLP2761 has been designed for use in applications such as inverters, servo amplifiers, photovoltaic inverters, FA networks and I/O interfaces.

The new TLP2761 photocoupler is housed in a SO6L package that measures just 2.3mm high (max) - approximately 45% slimmer than conventional SDIP package products. The device will contribute to the development of thinner and smaller sets. Despite the low height, the new product guarantees a creepage and clearance distance of 8mm (min), and isolation voltage of 5000Vrms (min), making it suitable for applications requiring higher isolation specs.

By incorporating Toshiba's original high output infrared LEDs in the input side, the TLP2761 reduces the threshold input current by approximately 54% compared with conventional products such as Toshiba’s TLP2766 which is housed in an SDIP6 package.

The new photocoupler integrates a photo detector IC die fabricated using a Bi-CMOS process in the output side, and reduces the supply current by approximately 66% compared to the TLP2766. It supports a low threshold input current of 1.6mA (max.), 6mW(typ.) and low supply current of 1.0mA (max.), 2,1mW(typ.). Furthermore, the photocoupler can contribute to lowering the operation voltage of sets with guaranteed supply voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V, at temperatures up to 125°C - the industry’s highest class of operation.