Low-harmonic drive for tough mining environments

Paul Boughton

Janne Alatalo looks at the benefits of compact low-harmonic drives for use in the harshest environments

Energy production in mining operations requires precise, reliable motor control on a continuous 24/7 basis, often under very difficult conditions. Drives are vital for pumps, conveyors and crushers in mining. Any breakdown causing lost production can be very costly, thus making reliability and uptime a top priority.

To meet these demanding requirements, ABB has developed the new ACS800-38 low-harmonic drive.

By completely rethinking traditional designs, the standard container with the drive and added air-conditioning unit can be replaced with a high-reliability, all-in-one turnkey ACS800-38 solution built on a much smaller footprint. 

Key benefits and advantages of the new low-harmonic drive include: 

* Specific focus on high uptime and reliability, even in the weak power networks that are common in remote locations.

* Completely new cooling technology with no external air reaching the drives, so drive maintenance and changing of air filters is reduced.

* Robust components for reliable operation and long life in climates like hot sandy deserts and harsh mines.

* A compact, easy-to-move thermally-isolated enclosure that can be transported and installed without difficulties by forklift or crane.

The ACS800-38 integrates an active supply unit and low-harmonic filter that effectively eliminates harmonic issues, without need for additional filtering equipment or multi-pulse transformers. This low-harmonic drive also maintains unity power factor for maximum efficiency.

The closed-loop air cooling method prevents any sand or dirt from reaching the drive, thus reducing maintenance and unplanned downtime. 

The drive has application motor control with DTC (direct torque control), as well as built-in pump control software. Remote monitoring is available, and several drives can be controlled simultaneously.

Transportation is easy, and the plug and play design means quick and durable electrical connections to both the power supply and the motor. This turnkey drive solution comes with IP55 enclosure class as standard and IP56/NEMA 4 as an option. The power range is from 110 to 355kW (125 to 450hp), which will be extended up to 630kW. The robust double layer thermal cabinet is designed to work in temperatures up to +55°C (+131°F).

The new ACS800-38 has received considerable interest from mining customers attracted by the unique combination of proven low-harmonic drive technology with a cleaner cooling-loop system in a compact but tough enclosure.

Video: The ACS800-38 low harmonic drive for outdoor use boosts productivity without compromise in the harshest of environments. This drive is suitable for dusty, windy and humid environments in the oil and mining sector. The drive can be used to control industry application such as ESP, PCP and booster pumps, conveyors, feeders, compressors and crushers

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