Loss-in-weight feeders for the compound, masterbatch and food industries

Paul Boughton

No matter what bulk material a weighfeeder needs to process, the ProFlex product family, comprising ProFlex C for compounding, ProFlex F for the food industry and the vibratory feeder ProFlex V suit virtually all feeding tasks.

Optimised design and flexible installation options make the ProFlex C a tailored solution for the compound and masterbatch industries. The feeding system for the continuous feeding of bulk materials such as powder, granulates and pellets is available in three feeder sizes and a total of five container sizes. It can be adapted to any space requirement.

ProFlex F makes possible accurate and safe feeding in the food industry. It is available in hygiene level 1 for dry cleaning or hygiene level 2 for wet cleaning and takes account of the hygienic requirements of standards for feeding dry products in a dry environment.

ProFlex V offers two alternative discharge lengths for the greatest possible flexibility in process integration. Turning the stainless steel feed hopper in 90° steps also makes possible four different discharge positions. This makes the chute feeder for granulate, pellets and gravel particularly versatile and easy to operate.

All ProFlex variants are easy to clean and provide a design which is very easy to adapt and space-saving. The off-centre auger arrangement allows up to eight feeders with close-fitting discharge pipes to be used. The drive and auger set-up can be customised during assembly. The product family is the perfect choice for high-precision feeding in any area. The family is also maintenance-free, easy to clean and impeccably hygienic.

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