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Providing the customer with the correct flowmeter selection

Litre Meter has a simple aim – to provide the customer with the correct flowmeter selection. Our tag line is Specialist flow measurement engineering.  Since it was established Litre Meter has provided over 40,000 flowmeters of all technologies to customers in the UK and worldwide.

Specialist Flowmeter Manufacturer
Litre Meter manufactures two flowmeter types.  In 1975 it introduced the Pelton Wheel radial turbine meter.  This is ideally suited to low viscosity liquids. Initially developed for low flow – down to 0.003 litres per minute in the LM series – it soon evolved and with a nifty addition the MM series can be used up to 12” lines. 

These meters are still produced today although normally up to 2” in size only.  When higher viscosity applications appeared a rotary piston positive displacement design was adopted.  The VFF proves to be very useful on Oil & Gas applications where its key features of durability, high pressure rating and enormous rangeability are desirable.

Complete Flowmeter Distributor
Since 1989 Litre Meter transformed from being just a meter manufacturer to being a manufacturer and flow meter distributor.  For gas measurement and control the range from Sierra Instruments was added.  Soon after the Kral helical screw positive displacement joined the burgeoning selection. Nowadays these have been supplemented with KEM turbines, KEM positive displacement meters and Tricor coriolis mass meters.

Oil & Gas Flowmeter Engineering
Litre Meter has always had strength and depth in engineering.  Many modifications have been led by market and customer requirements, these include simple changes such as different thread connections, orientations and approvals. Ultimately there are Six degrees of customisation:

  • Low flow

  • Subsea

  • Custom connection

  • Custom size

  • High pressure

  • Communications

Simple Offshore Flowmeter Solutions
Litre Meter has almost 40 years’ experience selecting the correct flowmeter and making the next step – selecting the best instrumentation to meet the customer’s systems requirements.  We understand the nuances of flow fluctuation, water hammer, surges, drift, control, PID values, inlet, outlet, gravity fed, pumped, low pressure drop, viscosity variation, Reynolds and Strouhal numbers!

Authoritative Flowmeter Specialists
Litre Meter are specialists – we don’t offer pressure, temperature measurement or level or pumps, just flowmeters and their instrumentation.  A wealth of flowmeter technologies are available and Litre Meter offers the best:

– Positive Displacement

  • Rotary Piston

  • Helical Screw

  • Round Gear

– Vortex Shedding
– Ultrasonic
– Turbine   

  • Axial

  • Radial, Pelton Wheel

– Coriolis
– Electromagnetic
– Thermal Mass

  • Capillary

  • Insertion

– Gas meters, primary measurement

Exceptional Flowmeter Service
To back up the range and selection Litre Meter has a 6,000 square foot factory dedicated to flowmeters. With a total of 8 calibration flow rigs a wide range of meters can be recalibrated.  For gas calibration we offer NIST traceability and Primary Standards.


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