Linear LED light fittings are robust with a high degree of protection

Paul Boughton

Cooper Crouse-Hinds has launched a linear LED light fitting that saves energy and is shock-resistant, maintenance-friendly and environmentally-friendly. The Ex-protected light fitting is certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous environments.
The new eLLK/M 92 LED 400 and 800 series of linear LED light fittings are based on the well-proven design of the eLLK series of light fittings from Cooper Crouse-Hinds. This robust design and high degree of protection of the linear LED light fitting means it is suitable for use in harsh and hazardous gas environments, including offshore oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemicals, where potentially explosive gases are present. The LED light fittings can therefore be installed in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas on ships, oil platforms, LNG plants, refineries, waste and sewerage treatment plants, as well as indoor and outdoor industrial locations.
The linear LED light fittings can also be fitted in Zone 21 and Zone 22 hazardous dust areas such as flour/grain mills, sugar processing, woodworking, food processing, metal processing and other production environments where potentially explosive dusts are present.
Compared to traditional fluorescent light fittings, the new LED light fitting reduces energy costs by up to 20 per cent. In addition, the design of the new linear LED light fitting is based on Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ EVG 09 electronic ballast (driver).
As Klaus Weyer, Product Manager LED Lighting at COOPER Crouse-Hinds GmbH comments: “The new linear LED light fitting provides numerous benefits to the end user. These light fittings are shock-resistant, more energy efficient and are maintenance-friendly compared to traditional fluorescent light fittings. Furthermore, the customer receives all the usual benefits associated with a Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED light, including an expected operating life of 60,000 hours – a significant improvement over traditional light sources. The linear LED modules are also increased safety [Ex e certified], which simplifies maintenance and reduces the overall cost of ownership. As the LEDs contain no mercury or other harmful substances, end-of-life disposal costs are also reduced.”
The design of the linear LED light fittings incorporate a special reflector system that prevents glare and which directs the light output to the working area, avoiding multi-shadowing and light pollution. This is achieved by using long life high power LED chips, selected for their perfect binning and low power dissipation properties. The heat sinks within the LED light fitting are engineered to remove heat from the LEDs to ensure a longer life, better lumen output and accurate colour temperature.
The linear LED light fittings are available as wall, ceiling or pole-mounted versions and can operate in ambient temperatures from -25°C to +50°C. The LED modules are shock and vibration-resistant.
As an additional benefit, the linear LED light fitting is fitted with an LED module, which can be retrofitted to existing eLLK 92018/18 and eLLK 92036/36 fluorescent light fittings with electronic ballast EVG 09 from Cooper Crouse-Hinds, converting these robust, traditional fluorescent light fittings into LED lights.
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