Linear Displacement Transducer range expanded

Paul Boughton

Trans-Tek offers a new model in its range of high-temperature, high-pressure, Linear Displacement Transducers (LVDT). The new model, based on the company’s Series 230, has a .30” O.D. body style. Previous models are still available with either 3/8” or 3/4” OD body style. Originally developed for a manufacturer of tools for the down-hole oil drilling industry, other applications include R&D testing and wherever extreme environments with deeper pressures and higher temperatures exist than standard LVDTs would withstand.

These transducers employ a perforated housing to equalise pressure inside and outside the LVDT. Thus, fluids must be electrically non-conductive and chemically benign, since the holes in the housing expose the coils inside. Many hydraulic oils meet this requirement. High temperature ratings of these transducers are achieved by using special internal materials. 

All three of these LVDTs are rated for pressures to 35,000 psi, at continuous temperatures as high as 450˚F. Non-linearity is ±0.25% and temperature coefficient of sensitivity is ±0.01% per Degree/Farenheit. A high sensitivity output offers infinite resolution in a variety of strokes. Trans-Tek high-temp/high-pressure LVDTs are available with signal conditioners for DC-DC or 4-20 mA operation.