On-line sensor solutions

Paul Boughton

NDC Technologies is a global measurement solutions provider of on-line sensors for the process industries, helping users control key parameters affecting quality and process efficiency. Technologies include near-infrared (NIR), nucleonic, laser, ultrasonic, X-ray and microwave. 

Industries served and their applications include:

Food: Moisture, fat and protein

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: end-point moisture/moisture content

Minerals and Bulk Materials: moisture content 

Paper, Film and Foil Converting: coatweight, thickness, moisture content, lamination thickness 

Extruded Polymer Film and Sheet: thickness, basis weight

Nonwoven Textiles: moisture: basis weight  

Wire, cable and fibre: diameter and ovality

Pipe and Tube: diameter and ovality 

Metals: surface characteristics, linespeed

Rubber Calendering: thickness, basis weight

NDC is headquartered in Irwindale, USA and manufactures in the USA and Europe. Applications engineering expertise defines the performance of each measurement system and the company delivers optimised solutions for each application, selecting from its range of available technologies. Sensors are complemented by intuitive multi-lingual interfaces and process connectivity options, digital or analogue, Ethernet or Fieldbus, to enable convenient integration into the user’s network or control system. Users enjoy rapid ROI through enhanced process performance, quality and customer loyalty.