LINAK® actuator solutions

Help improve the quality of life

LINAK linear actuators  provide movement solutions for a variety of industries. Through these solutions the goal is to improve the quality of people’s life both at home and at work.

An actuator can lift, tilt, push or pull hard-to-reach or heavy objects with a lifting capacity from 200 up to 12,000 Newton. It is an energy efficient, non-toxic device with a long lifetime and little or no maintenance.
A linear actuator can be integrated in sophisticated control systems that provide precise position feedback and motion control. With no pumps or hoses it takes up considerably less space than a hydraulic system which makes installation easy.

Furthermore, actuators provide safe, clean and quiet movement. Their flexibility and adaptability also ensure well-functioning solutions that fit a wide range of products and applications.

A classic LINAK actuator system consists of one or more electric actuators  along with a control box and a control device. LINAK actuator solutions are produced for five business areas: DESKLINE®, HOMELINE®, MEDLINE® & CARELINE®, TECHLINE™ and NETLINE™.

The five business areas

DESKLINE provides actuator solutions for a variety of height adjustable furniture such as office desks, kitchens, workstations, etc. A height adjustable solution from LINAK ensures greater adaptability towards the users thus, increasing their level of comfort and improving their working conditions or home life.

HOMELINE provides electrical adjustment of both box spring beds and slatted beds  using modular actuator systems. The actuators provide a smooth and silent adjustment, which will improve the level of comfort and ergonomic qualities of the bed. In cooperation with customers, HOMELINE focuses on turning new ideas into elegant solutions that will differentiate and improve the customers’ beds.

The main focus of MEDLINE & CARELINE is to provide actuator solutions for hospital and healthcare equipment  that increases comfort for patients, caregivers and persons with disabilities. These solutions will provide safe and reliable movement and lifting capacity in equipment such as hospital beds, patient lifts, dental chairs and wheelchairs.

TECHLINE heavy duty actuators  provide precise and reliable movement in industrial work applications such as marine applications, construction and machinery, farming solutions and solar tracking systems. These actuators are designed to withstand extreme conditions while providing very accurate motion.

NETLINE switchgear automation can help turn a manual electricity distribution network into a modern smart grid and improve efficiency for electrical networks. Furthermore, the iSwitch system functions as a retrofit solution which provides easy installation.

For further information about which actuator solutions can help you in your business, please visit the LINAK homepage or contact us.


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