Lightweight system for a variety of robotic applications

Paul Boughton

As robot systems are becoming more and more advanced, plastic experts are constantly developing plastic components to reduce costs and increase service life.

Among robotic solutions from igus is triflex Retraction System Pneumatic (RSP) for multi-axis robotics.

Lightweight and space saving, the triflex RSP is an adjustable retraction cable management solution that offers safe and consistent cable and hose guidance. This is ensured by the constant application of a retraction force of a pneumatic cylinder, with retraction lengths of around 500mm.

The triflex RSP is suitable for a wide range of robotic applications and can be quickly and easily adapted to a variety of robot models, including small welding robots and larger palletising robots allowing heavy fill weights and complex movements.

The triflex RSP does not require expensive monitoring systems, says igus. It can accommodate higher cable and hose fill weights than similar systems available on the market and offers a variety of mounting solutions for various robot manufacturers and types.

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