Lightweight contactors handle inrush currents up to 4000 AMPS

Paul Boughton

TE Connectivity’s new KILOVAC KHR500 (Bubba II) high-voltage, high-rupture, 600 AMP contactor is smaller, lighter, and switches significantly higher power than its predecessor, the EV500 (Bubba I). It is capable of handling inrush currents as high as 4000 A. The new contactors are hermetically sealed for use in harsh and explosive environments.

Configured as a single-pole, single-throw device, the contactors can handle voltages from 28 to 1000 VDC and continuous 600 A currents. Because it is not polarity sensitive, the contactor allows bidirectional load switching.

An integrated coil economizer reduces the power required to hold the contacts closed to 320 mA at 24 VDC. The contactor’s single-pole, double-throw auxiliary switch supports 3A at 125VRMS or 1A at 30VDC, and low-level signals down to 5V/10mA.

The KHR500 contactors have an integrated dual-coil electronic ‘cut throat’ economiser. They withstand 100,000 cycles and have an operating temperature range from minus 40 to 125˚C.

With a rugged and robust design, these new contactors are suitable for ground vehicle, marine, solar, automotive and energy storage applications.