Light hybrid modules for dynamic applications

Paul Boughton

Together with a big German plant engineering company, Georg Martin has produced a disc-shaped pneumatic sub-assembly for the rotational suction, holding and conveyance of paper, film or felt strips. Designed in different versions in line with the sandwich principle, these 'suction rings' are technically sophisticated hybrid modules in which various materials complement one another both structurally and functionally.

The module consists of a housing made from a circular stainless steel blank with multiple perforations punched and machined with high precision, a rubber band with a perforation running round the outer surface, and a plastic channel and jet system pressed inwards. All components are sealed airtight, firmly riveted to one another and are supplied as a single unit ready for installation. The complete part has a diameter of 100mm and a height of 20mm. Unlike the solid suction rings used previously, the new hybrid modules are considerably lighter and less expensive. They were designed and developed in Martin’s Forming Technology division, in which the company produces geometrically complex formed parts and sub-assemblies for various industry sectors.

Martin also manufactures high-quality metal and plastic shims. The laminated, packaged and solid shims of the M-Tech product family are used today in all key sectors. In the fields of drive technology, mechanical engineering, automobile construction and the aviation industry in particular, these precision elements perform essential tolerance compensation tasks. With its own development department and modern machinery, Martin can supply these compensation and adjustment elements in numerous material combinations and in any desired shape, completely in line with customers’ specifications. The ready-to use spacers and shims reduce assembly times and simplify maintenance.

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