LED floodlights save energy on fishing vessel

Jon Lawson

Croatian fishing company Jadran Tuna has installed energy-saving LED floodlights from Glamox on its Carica (English translation: Empress) fishing vessel.

Jadran Tuna operates a shipping fleet of 13 fishing vessels. These fishing ships have a dual role: they fish for tuna during the tuna fishing season, while they fish for small bluefish species for the remainder of the season. On Carica, the FL40 LED floodlights from Glamox are helping to reduce energy costs. The FL40 LED floodlight (99 Watt) replaces a 500 Watt metal halide floodlight.

According to the captain of Carica, as well as the ship owner, fishing efficiency has also improved as a result of the new FL40 LED floodlights. Another important benefit of the FL40 LED floodlights is that they provide instantaneous lighting at switch on, while the previous metal halide lamps took time to warm up at switch on, which could lead to a loss in fish catch.

The FL40 LED floodlight is suitable for installation and use in marine applications such as fishing vessels, cruise ships and super yachts. The attractively designed floodlights provide instantaneous, high intensity light. The LED designed floodlight gives very good LED heat management, offering excellent life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours and low energy consumption.

The FL40 floodlight is the latest addition to the company’s family of Marine floodlights. By using the latest LED technology, the FL40 offers a virtually maintenance-free solution. Different light beam options are available of 20°, 40°, 60° and 80°. The floodlights are suitable for a variety of applications, including general illumination of outdoor work areas, funnels and deck areas. The FL40 is also Germanische Lloyd (GL) approved, which means it is suitable for use in safety and rescue applications such as man overboard lighting. The FL40 operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -35ºC to +45ºC.

Heat management and high reliability are decisive factors when developing new LED lighting solutions. The FL40 LED light source and new integrated driver technology are designed to meet this challenge, providing a long operating life of at least 50,000 hours at 45ºC. The virtually maintenance-free luminaire therefore provides savings in terms of product lifecycle costs.

The FL40 floodlight is housed in a compact, seawater-resistant, aluminium housing with integral driver for 110V up to 240V AC/DC. The floodlight is mounted on a 316 stainless steel adjustable mounting bracket. The combination of these materials offers a robust, reliable floodlight that weighs just 4.8kg. The FL40 is also protected by an impact-resistant ESG (safety glass), uses a halogen-free connection cable and is designed to withstand water jets and immersion.

The FL40 floodlight also offers substantial savings in terms of energy consumption. Equipped with an energy saving 99W LED light source with an output of 10,000 Lumen, the floodlight has a high luminous efficacy and can replace a 500W halogen light. Various colour temperatures of 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 Kelvin create a warm-white up to a cold-white lighting effect.

The FL40 is manufactured according to the latest marine classification societies and additional VDE and IEC/EN standards.