Leak and flow test system

News Editor

Chell Instruments has announced its latest development, the PIT 100, a self-contained automated leak and flow test system. 

Pipe-work integrity (known as the PIT 100) performs a number of tests to determine the integrity of pressurised pipe-work, looms or harnesses. Nick Broadley, Managing Director of Chell Instruments, says, “Leaks threaten the integrity, accuracy and safety of many critical pressurised systems. This automated system can quickly and consistently calculate leaks in tubing looms and was developed by our engineers to test a whole range of applications.”

The PIT 100 has been created to test both a single port or up to 16 ports simultaneously, so it can be used for both small and large operations. Its three main functions are leak testing, continuity testing and flow testing. It can perform leak tests by applying pressure to all the ports in use, isolating the pipe-work or harness from the supply and then measuring any pressure decay. For continuity testing, the PIT 100 can also test multi-way looms. Each channel is pressurised and the operator can then confirm that the gas is being passed through the appropriate port. Lastly, it can be used as a flow tester. The test is used to detect abnormalities in the system, such as restrictions or breaks which give a different flow of gas and therefore a different measured pressure. 

Broadley concludes, “Our PIT 100 is designed with our client’s needs in mind, which is why we made it portable and able to perform varying tests to determine and quantify the integrity of tubing looms. We’ve also made reading the configurations easy through our colour LCD display or via the embedded web server.” 

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