Launch of renewables industry’s first truly low cost live alerting platform

Louise Smyth

Energy management experts at EkkoSense have launched EkkoSoft 4.0, the renewables industry’s first truly low cost live alerting platform. The new web-based solution offers near real-time remote monitoring for solar and wind energy generation systems, with alerts checked every 30 minutes to give near real-time visibility of performance.

EkkoSoft 4.0’s live reporting and alerts support estate-wide web-based monitoring of renewable assets, enabling a faster and more efficient Operations & Maintenance response to mechanical underperformance incidents. Near real-time monitoring will allow operators to restore their turbines and solar panels to optimum performance much more quickly, maximising generation and helping to protect time to ROI.

EkkoSense CEO Dean Boyle says: “For the first time EkkoSoft 4.0 provides live alerts and estate-wide energy generation monitoring across all renewables investments, with support for multiple sites and taking full account of both weather and daylight factors. In reality you could be in London receiving a warning alert about a drop in energy generation for a specific turbine in remote North Scotland or a solar farm in East Anglia – enabling you to investigate and action any required remedy as soon as expected generation levels are failing to be achieved.

“This early ‘heads up’ could potentially highlight an impending mechanical failure, and identify where early remedial action could save both downtime as well as lost FIT revenues,” he continues. “This contrasts with potentially much more expensive repair costs and FIT shortfalls should owners be left waiting days or weeks before realising energy generation has been low or renewable assets are out of action completely and increasing ROI.”

Key EkkoSoft 4.0 features include:

-       Live web-based alerting – status monitoring – actual generation vs expected views, estate-wide Feed in Tariff (FiT) reporting, as well as near real time live alerts on solar panels or turbines under performing. This monitoring allows owners to recognise any dip in energy generation and schedule a service/maintenance visit to resolve the issue. In contrast to the old ‘break fix’ approach this ensures optimal energy generation from every asset

-       Simplified meter installation process – new sites and meters can be set up and running extremely quickly providing owners with valuable intelligence over expected and actual energy generation

-       Ability to create and manage groups of sites – organisations with multiple assets – solar or wind turbines - located across the country will be able to monitor generation remotely through an intuitive dashboard – reducing on-site trips and enabling action to be taken earlier to optimise energy generation

With EkkoSoft the guesswork is taken out of expected vs actual energy generation.


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