Latest underwater floodlight

Paul Boughton

Bowtech Products, a leader in subsea vision systems, has announced the arrival of the LED-S-Series lamp, a smaller, 10,000 lumen 'baby' version of its 20,000 lumen LED-V-Series underwater floodlight.

The LED-S-Series lamp has been designed to offer a smaller, lighter and lower lumen output compared to the LED-V-Series, using the same highly successful technology.

Outputting up to 10,000 lumens with a beam angle of 80 degrees in water (narrower angles are available) the lamp is ideal for illuminating large areas for HD viewing tasks.

Manufactured in corrosion-resistant hard anodised aluminium with an acrylic window, the lamp is rated to operate at 6,000 metres ocean depth.

The LED-S-Series lamp is available as either 100-120Vac or 130-150Vdc, with a selection of connectors and connector positions available. It is an ideal replacement for obsolete incandescent lamps that can no longer be supplied.

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