Latching airtight socket for active loudspeakers

Paul Boughton

Cliff Electronics has launched a new female XLR socket fitted with an integral latch to prevent accidental disconnection by vibration or tension on the cable.This industry standard connector is widely used for audio inputs and is the latest addition to Cliff’s range of professional audio connectors, writes Nick Flaherty.

Designed and manufactured by Cliff Electronics in the UK this latest version of the Airtight XLR connector range solves a key, long standing problems experienced by pro-audio manufacturers of studio monitoring and similar hi-fidelity audio applications and live music producers. 

Active loudspeakers with internal amplifiers produce considerable air pressure within the cabinet and any air leakage will reduce efficiency and impair sound quality. The customary method used by loudspeaker manufactures to make an input socket airtight is to use a sealant to make both the body airtight in the cabinet and seal the connection pins. This is time consuming and messy and is not required when fitting an Airtight XLR socket which are fitted to the loudspeaker enclosure with a supplied sealing gasket and uniquely have completely sealed connection pins. This not only reduces assembly time and cost but also makes replacement of the connector much easier.

The supplied gasket will seal the socket flange against the loudspeaker enclosure and may be fitted on the front or rear of the XLR depending on preferred mounting. 

Three mounting types are available offering vertical or 90° PCB mounting or solder bucket for wired connection. All contacts are gold plated and are rated at 5A nominal, 15A maximum up to 250VAC maximum.