Kopex S.A.

Present in all major mining markets of the world.

Kopex Group SA is a manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment and electrical devices. The Group also renders specialized services for mining, such as shaft sinking and development work. The Kopex Group is present in all major mining markets of the world.

It has got over fifty years of experience in trades, manufacture of mining machinery and services, particularly in underground mining development work. The Group is present in all major global markets: Russia, China, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and in the European markets.

For years Kopex has strengthened its presence abroad, inter alia, through setting up on-site facilities in the local markets which are service centers for machinery and equipment operated out of Poland’s borders. Two years ago, there was expanded the Kopex Sibir company which is an aftermarket facility for products offered by Kopex in Siberia and in the Vorkuta region, Russia.

The Kopex Group also includes production companies abroad. For example, Shandong Tagao manufactures powered roof supports in China as well as Hansen and Genwest makes mining electrical appliances in South Africa. Kopex’s most important segment is the underground mining machinery and equipment one. Kopex Machinery, the leading company in this segment, offers, among others, longwall shearers, roadheaders, scraper conveyors, transport equipment and mineral processing equipment.

Electrical and electronic devices are another key production segment and Elgór Hansen is in charge of it. The company offers mining electrical devices, ie. powering and switching devices, apparatus boxes as well as mining automation and control systems. Mining services segment takes an important place in the Kopex Group’s structure.

Such companies, as Kopex -Shaft Sinking Company SA /Kopex-PBSz/ or Dalbis execute development work in mines in Poland and abroad. They are experienced and competent companies in shaft and fore-shaft sinking as well as in driving galleries and tunnels. Moreover, the Kopex Group also includes companies specialized in the manufacture of machinery for heavy industry.

Miilux Poland located in Tarnowskie Góry is a company of a special production profile. It makes heavy resistant steel plates for customers in Poland and abroad. Kopex Group boasts very modern and innovative technological solutions in the global mining industry. The latest product of the Group, Mikrus- thin seam longwall system is one of the examples for it. Innovative engineering solutions used in it allow for conducting cost-effective and safe mining operations in difficult geological conditions – in thin, hard and folded coal seams while maintaining production efficiency. Thanks to full automation, crew safety hazard is considerably reduced and comfort of miners working in the longwall face is improved.


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