Kinetic energy recovery system

Paul Boughton

Bosch Motorsport is developing a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) for use in motor racing. With hybrid technology being used increasingly in road vehicles, it is no also finding its way into racing vehicles. Bosch is developing a modular KERS kit to cover all requirements from Formula 1 to racing series such as the DTM or 24-hour races.

Klaus Böttcher, director of Bosch Motorsport, says: "In comparison with the hybrid technology of production vehicles, the concepts for motor racing are considerably more powerful and, at the same time, more compact. We are already holding discussions with many teams from various racing series."

Depending on the specific design, the systems are intended to allow for more overtaking manoeuvres using additional power that can be called upon temporarily or even to reduce the number of refuelling stops by cutting consumption.

Hybrid systems by Bosch Motorsport comprise a battery, electric motor and the KERS controller. This contains the power electronics, battery management and the management system for hybrid and engine functions. Either a lithium-ion battery with scalable capacity or a flywheel energy storage device is used for storing energy. The latter stores up to 750kJ of energy.

The electric motors weigh 4-8kg with a maximum power of 60kW. Thanks to its modular structure, the Bosch KERS can be assembled individually so that the weight, robustness and performance suit the requirements of the respective race series.

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