Brings Pioneering Expertise to Heat Transfer Market

Kilfrost is a third-generation, family owned and managed company, recognised as a global leader in safety critical chemistry and rheology. Kilfrost maintains a proud focus on pioneering the next generation of products to raise industry standards, and to meet the growing needs of its commercial clients and the wider community.

It has continued to bring its expertise to industry and has developed a new range of Advanced Low Viscosity, heat transfer fluids.

The range includes ALV Plus, which for the first time provides a commercial solution to the long-standing efficiency-versus-toxicity challenge.

As well as having NSF/FDA accreditation as food safe, the fluid also exhibits excellent low viscosity performance at temperatures as low as minus 40 Deg C and as high as 75 Deg C.

Compared to existing fluids based on Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol and Ethanol, Kilfrost ALV Plus offers significantly lower resistance to slushing at low temperatures, is non-toxic and formulated with organic, approved inhibitors and viscosity modifiers. It requires less pumping energy, and offers fewer pressure drops in existing systems bringing significant savings through lower electricity costs. For new systems, they can be designed with smaller pumps, smaller heat exchangers, and lower diameter pipework meaning significant capital and cost of ownership savings.

At the concentrations required for its effective use, Ethanol-based fluids present a fire risk which is obviously undesirable and an insurance hazard. ALV Plus also offers superior corrosion resistance and can be used across a very wide range of metals, plastics and rubber compounds.

ALV Plus is already in use in many industries in the UK and the USA and is quickly building a reputation as an environmentally-friendly, low risk, cost efficient heat transfer fluid.

“Not only is ALV Plus certified as NSF safe for incidental contact with food and beverage, but it offers an absolutely premium performance,” explained Kilfrost’s Chief Executive Gary Lydiate.

“Our research and development chemists have been working on our range of advanced low viscosity fluids for some time, and we’ve had these products on robust tests at sites across the world to really challenge them throughout the development process. We’ve been absolutely delighted with the results, and with the early response from firms globally, who for the first time ever have been told that they can have both efficiency and non-toxicity.

“We are the original pioneer of safety critical fluids, and we have a proud pedigree of innovation and of developing market-leading and industry-changing fluids. This range is absolutely no exception, and our Kilfrost ALV Plus is not simply an advanced low viscosity fluid, but a revolution in heat transfer which removes risk while adding efficiency and reducing operating costs. Needless to say we’re delighted to be bringing it to market.” he concluded.



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