Keeping screws and bolts tight in every situation

Paul Boughton

Loose threaded fasteners, such as loose screws in eyeglasses or door handles, are annoying. In the worst case, they can even lead to truly hazardous situations. With its ThreadLoc system, Arnold Umformtechnik has now developed a complete range of chemical and mechanical thread locking technologies that can meet the need for keeping screws and bolts tight in every situation.

Static and dynamic loads, such as shocks and vibrations, are the main cause of failure with threaded fastener joints. Unlike largely ineffective split and serrated washers commonly used up to now to counter the risk of loose screws and bolts, the innovative ThreadLoc system from Arnold Umformtechnik is based on the division into mechanical and chemical screw locking. This leads to individually optimised solutions for muffling, sealing and securing threaded fastener joints.

There are two traditional options for securing threaded fasteners: either the effect is achieved directly in the threads, or it is achieved under the head of the bolt or screw. In this regard, an outstanding feature of the ThreadLoc system is its broad spectrum of optimised products, extending from adhesive (chemically reactive) and binding (non-reactive) retention methods to Arnold Powerlok secure screws with trilobar threads and LocTech drives for permanent mechanical anchors.

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