Keeping plant downtime to a minimum

29th July 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

Water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Mega Pipe Repair HD, a high resin content, WRAS approved pipe repair bandage. Part of NCH Europe’s new range of pipe repair solutions, Mega Pipe Repair HD comes in six sizes for a wide range of piping options. The largest size will fit pipes up to and including 300mm, the largest among its competitors.

The flexible, dense weave of the Mega Pipe Repair HD bandage allows it to hug the contours of pipe bends and joints, which means it can even be applied on difficult pipe bends. It has a service temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius, making it useable in a wide range of industrial, plant, manufacturing and commercial applications, including ones that involve high-heat.

Mega Pipe Repair HD can be used with pipework smaller than 25mm and large pipework up to and including 300mm. Even with the largest size, the product is easy to apply. After taking the pipe offline, the surface must first be degreased and abraded.

The product is then activated by contact with water either by dipping or spraying – depending on bandage size. After that, it can be wrapped around the damaged pipework by hand, while wearing gloves, with a minimum cure time of 45 minutes.

“The fast cure time of Mega Pipe Repair HD means plant downtime caused by pipe repair is kept to a minimum,” explained Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at NCH Europe. “The wide range of sizes available means this really is a one-stop solution to pipe repair.

“Not only does the WRAS approval ensure the bandage is safe for use in contact with potable water, Mega Pipe Repair HD is also resistant to a wide range of common chemical solutions, meaning it is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications.”

As well as being suitable for use on its own, Mega Pipe Repair HD can be used in conjunction with other NCH pipe repair products, including Mega Fix-IT PW and Mega Fix-IT HT epoxy sticks, to increase the maximum pressure load of the damaged pipe.

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