Keeping flammable liquids safe

News Editor

Are you doing enough to ensure that flammable liquids are stored safely and securely? Leaving these hazardous materials stored without adequate safeguarding measures can present a very real danger to staff, premises, equipment and stock. It is also a breach of the U.K. government health and safety executive guidelines.

Using secure storage cabinets that have been specifically designed to contain flammable liquids is the best way to mitigate these risks. These lockable metal cabinets are built to resist fires, preventing contents including paints, solvents and fuels from exploding or igniting in the event of a fire. They also have integrated sumps and liquid-retaining lips to contain spills and leaks.

Industrial equipment supplier First Mats offers a full range of metal cabinets, which now includes a number of flammable liquid storage options. The ultra-tough cabinets all meet COSHH and HSE requirements and guidelines and are finished in a bright red colour to make it easy to recognise the nature of the contents.

Cabinets are available in a number of size and style options, including large floor chests, in-vehicle containers, full height cupboards and models with fork pockets or wheels for improved mobility around a site.

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