The world’s first and only industrial grade infrared windows.

Save costs and stay safe with IRISS infrared windows

IRISS is the manufacturer of the world’s first and only industrial-grade infrared windows. Unlike crystal windows that are comparatively fragile, IRISS polymer windows are shatterproof and vibration-proof, making them ideal for applications in food and pharmaceutical production. They are also resistant to UV light and humidity so their scope of application extends outdoors and into sectors such as marine and offshore engineering and chemical processing.

Whilst the size and format of crystal windows are limited to a maximum of 4 inches round, IRISS windows have no restriction. They can be virtually any shape and size. In fact they can measure up to 6 x 4 feet if that’s what the application needs. The extended field of view provided by IRISS allows complete systems to be imaged in one pass of the camera; perfect for components such as bus bars.

In addition to square and oblong, an IRISS window can also be supplied arched or rainbow shaped, allowing it to be effectively ‘wrapped around’ a bearing, pump, motor or turbine.  It can also be incorporated into machine guarding so the component or system can be inspected whilst in operation without any risk to the thermal camera user.

As well as the original opaque, IRISS windows are also available in clear polymer, making them the only products suitable for inspection in the UV, visual and all three infrared spectrums.  The capabilities of these Platinum IR windows are made possible by the IRISS Poly-View System™ patented clear polymer.  It effectively removes the obvious benefit that a crystal window could claim over the opaque alternative – the ability to allow visual inspection.

IRISS windows are also unique in the extent of their certification.  All IRISS products carry UL, Lloyds and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approval and are also IEEE impact resistance and load tested; they are IP65/NEMA 4 rated once installed.  Standard windows also have CSA certification, another unique attribute.

So why do you need IRISS infrared windows?

One of the many qualities of thermal imaging is that it allows live inspection and this is hugely beneficial for several reasons. Productivity doesn’t have to be interrupted. The thermal information gathered is of much greater value as the system is live. And inspections can be conducted quickly without compromising accuracy, saving time and cost.

To harness these benefits, however, personnel safety must be assured and IRISS infrared windows allow the scope of thermal imaging to be maximised whilst protecting people and assets.

Arc flash incidents are frighteningly common. Electricians can – and do –suffer terrible burns and some even lose their lives by opening a panel door to perform thermal inspections. Whilst PPE lessens the risk of injury, it doesn’t offer total protection.  And the time element involved in kitting-up and down adds to overall inspection costs.

This is why many companies across the world are choosing IRISS infrared polymer windows. They improve inspection efficiency, drastically cut unproductive man hours and, above all, keep people safe.


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