ION Science Ltd.

Protecting lives and preserving the environment

ION Science Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced gas detection equipment, distributed worldwide. The portfolio of instruments provides customers with unrivalled gas detection and monitoring capabilities within the harshest of environments.

ION produces and delivers world-class instrumentation that customers can depend on to keep workers safe within their environment. The range comprises of technologically advanced photoionisation detection (PID) instruments for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) as well as benzene monitors, leak detectors, mercury analysers and corrosion monitoring equipment.

ION Falco VOC monitor is recommended by significant players in the oil industry who conducted extensive performance tests and trials at a large refinery where the Falco came out on top. When ION’s customer ExRobotics also did testing of their own, they found the Falco fixed detector to be both robust and reliable.

In addition to instrumentation, ION Science manufactures the MiniPID gas sensor found in leading gas detection instruments within the field globally. This unique patented PID technology has received independent verification as the best performing on the market and incorporates ION Science’s patented fence electrode technology with anti-contamination design and optimal resistance to humidity in difficult working conditions.

MiniPID 2 Sensor takes advantage of patented Fence Electrode Technology that eliminates the common problem of humidity influencing VOC readings, while an internal membrane reduces contamination.


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