Inverter welding power source

Paul Boughton

The SifWeld TS200DC, from Weldability Sif, is a microprocessor-controlled inverter welding power source for tungsten inert gas (TIG) and manual metal arc (MMA) applications.

The SifWeld TS200DC’s use of IGBT technology means that it is feature rich while remaining compact and lightweight. It incorporates a user-friendly control panel with logical layout for operation in MMA or TIG modes, and is suitable for DC+ MMA, DC- MMA and DC TIG welding.

The machine’s high frequency ignition and pulse function make it suit sheet metal and fine precision work and it is suitable for use in industries including general fabrication, sheet metal work, stainless steel fabrication, process engineering and repair and maintenance.

The machine has a 230v 1ph 16a input supply, and supplies 200aDC output at 25% duty cycle. It features a pre- and post-purge, up and down slope, as well as a dual current, DC pulse and 2/4 latching.

In TIG mode, the user can control the following functions: the main welding current; the pre and post gas flow; 2 and 4 stroke switch latching; in 4 stroke switch switching, the start and final current; current pulse control, over background current, frequency and width; arc initiation type; gas purge. In MMA mode, the main welding current, hot start and arc force can be controlled.