Introducing Grundfos for Engineers

Paul Boughton

Imagine all the knowledge, information and tools you need to specify a highly technical pump system in one place. That’s exactly what the new Grundfos for Engineers website gives you – while also helping you to save time on complex tasks

The Grundfos for Engineers website, launched by the global pump manufacturer, addresses common, daily challenges faced by consulting engineers and system designers. For instance, a simple sizing tool allows you to enter duty points and then search for matches by application, pump design or family. To simplify decision-making, there is also a huge range of downloadable product and application material, case stories and video insights from experts.

The site also features an online training tool and information platform called Grundfos Ecademy. It gives you free access to a range of training modules that you can complete at your own pace and which can count towards professional accreditation.

Most importantly, Grundfos for Engineers is designed to deliver up-to-date knowledge and insights on technical specification challenges related to applications, products and industries. Featured themes highlight common issues and provide information to help you address them.

“We know from conversations with engineers that time is a scarce resource and that keeping up to date within their area of expertise is key to their professional performance,” says Morten Bach Jensen, Group Vice President, Group Marketing and Sales Development. “Grundfos for Engineers is designed to provide quick and easy access to relevant tools and knowledge – a site made for engineers, by engineers.”

Know-how in the spotlight

A current theme shows you how controlling the water level in steam boilers, eliminates the need for feed valves. You can achieve this by using sensors to control variable speed pumps. The benefits of choosing this method include increased reaction time, greater precision and more energy efficient boiler feeding.

In a related video Application Manager, Søren Mortensen, points out how using a feed valve and bypass results in pressure blocks. Installing an intelligent solution reduces the risk of developing water hammers and cavitation in your system. It also eliminates the need for expensive control valves, enables you save space because the pump can be smaller and has lower lifecycle costs.

Information and answers just a few taps away

Grundfos for Engineers is suitable for anyone wanting to find pump systems knowledge quickly, and it delivers an opportunity for engineers to optimise specification tasks promptly. 

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