Interfaces for mass market devices to be explored at conference

Louise Smyth

Altia, a leader in the development of tools for graphical user interface design (GUI), has announced that it will be presenting at The UK Device Developers' Conference 2016. 

Julian Coates, Northern Europe Business Manager at Altia, will discuss how graphical user interface development will be the key to harnessing the power of IoT, and how it can be achieved.

"The Internet of Things is exploding, and for a variety of reasons that we'll explore in this discussion," said Julian Coates. "The real question is how do we make the IoT useful within the context of everyday life?

“It is estimated that 4 billion devices connected to the IoT will need a GUI, and this is what I'll be discussing. How developers can meet this demand and harness the power of the IoT into a simple, sleek, usable GUI, and how it can be achieved affordably."

The UK Device Developers' Conference 2016 is an event for engineers and software developers working in the development of intelligent systems and devices, taking place near Cambridge on the 27th and 28th April.