Interconnection technology for extreme pressure work

Paul Boughton

Amphenol Ltd latest range of circular connectors includes products that meet Mil Standard and EN requirements, EMC/EMP protection as well as Cadmium-Free RoHS Compliance.

Featuring exceptional mechanical performance in extreme pressure and temperature environments are the new Hermetic Circular connectors.

Offering designers Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-24308 and EN2997 Standards, this range of connectors meet application requirements for aerospace, communications and marine/naval systems.

Combining the benefits of field proven MIL- DTL- 38999 Series III circular connectors with hyperbolic contacts that extend the boundaries of high power connector technology, the Rhino 38999 Series III connector is designed not only to meet the latest military aircraft specifications but will also meet stringent safety requirements.

Current rated up to 1000A and featuring IP2X protection, the Series is offered in zinc cobalt and zinc nickel plating finishes with full RoHS compliance.

High reliability applications including aerospace and other harsh environments can all be addressed using the Rhino 38999 Series.

As is one of the leading manufacturers of both connectors and interconnect systems specifically for applications within military, aerospace and industrial markets,

For PDAs and GPS devices including battlefield communications and soldier systems, the miniature Terrapin Micro USB Filtered Connector range is available with a push-pull or lock mating style and IP68 Rating.

The use of RoHS Compliant Cadmium-free plating is offered for Aerospace applications. This includes 500 hours salt spray and 500 mating cycles deployed on standard connector ranges such as Mil-DTL-38999, Mil-C-26482 and the Rhino power range.

Finally, AMPHENOL LTD offers a series of filtered connectors which provide EMC and EMP protection for sensitive circuits with compliant clip technology protecting the ceramic, planar, L, C, LC, Pi and T filters.

EMP/NEMP/HEMP/LEMP protection is available for the entire range of circular and rectangular connectors with applications ranging from military aerospace and civil aerospace to military communications and missiles/torpedoes.

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