Intelligent sensing for Internet of Things

Paul Boughton

SensoInk is a reliable and highly accurate sensing solution based on printed polymer pastes. SensoInk is a 5V analogue solution with low power requirements and operates at 5V.

By using polymer thick film technology, SensoInk is extremely flexible, and can be printed as potentiometers, resistors, switches or keyboard contacts on circuit boards or electronic components. It enables device developers to quickly and easily implement individual specifications without sacrificing quality.

WIth SensoInk, there are no negative electromagnetic effects (Electromagnetic compatibility). Only two components are required for signal transformation: a printed potentiometer track on a carrier material (eg, FR4 or PET foil) and a conductive wiper.

SensoFoil offers a flat design of 0.5mm to 1mm, repeat accuracy of 1mm to 10µm,  easy to achieve redundancy and problem-free device integration. The standard linear Sensofoil is available in lengths of 50mm up to 500mm, 40mm wide rotary, and custom sizes and shapes. Sensofoil is available in PET (ultra-thin), Magnet (contactless – long lifetime) or Hybrid technology (extended lifetime and temperature range).

SensoInk and SensoFoil are available from Hoffmann–Krippner Inc.