Intelligent DIN rail mounted signal amplifier

Louise Davis

Mantracourt Electronics announces the launch of the LCD20 Load Cell DIN Rail Signal Amplifier. This new intelligent strain gauge bridge amplifier has been specifically designed for automation and industrial process control.

The compact, stackable microprocessor based unit is accompanied by Mantracourt’s LC Toolkit software which provides intuitive set-up and logical calibration and control.

Designed with features and benefits that outweigh the competition, the LCD20 offers increased reliability, accuracy, and flexibility all whilst saving on costs.

The LCD20 has standard analogue outputs of 4-20mA and 0-10V, with two digital inputs and has a specification to match most load cells, pressure or strain gauges over a wide range of sensitivities.

Two set point relays allow users to set individual thresholds, providing controls and alarms without the cost of additional instrumentation.

Superior accuracy is assured through 10 point linearisation to desired engineering units.

For greater accuracy, design engineers at Mantracourt have developed the LCD20 to support 6 wire input to compensate for any barrier or cable losses.

The LCD20 is easy to set up through either a PC or digital handheld programmer.

Configurations can be saved to a file and sent to end users via email in the event of loss or outage.

For added security, lockable features can prevent accidental or malicious end-user changes to the configuration.

To complement the LCD20, Mantracourt offers its free LC Toolkit software. This software for Windows enables users to configure the LCD20 via an intuitive and icon-based navigation system.

With simple to follow instructions and highlighted interactive elements, users can configure, save and restore settings, calibrate input and output and log data to a CSV file. There is also real time graphical representation of sensor output.