Integrated insulation monitoring for improved rail reliability

Jon Lawson

The RS4 integrated insulation monitoring and earth fault location equipment from Bender UK enhances the integrity of rail signal power distribution systems. The system continuously monitors insulation resistance (IR) levels, notifying operators of any drops in the IR value, providing advanced warning of emerging issues and pinpointing insulation problems. The upgraded system offers increased sensitivity for first fault location, from 20KΩ to 100KΩ. The ability of RS4 to locate faults more precisely means maintenance teams can respond more quickly, enhancing safety, reducing downtime and minimising fines and penalties that arise from disruption of services.

Bender UK Rail Business Manager Tony Edwards said: “The stand was incredibly busy each day, with customers queuing on day 2 to get a look at the equipment and experience the virtual reality presentation about the system. There is market demand for Tier 1, 2 and 3 solutions, and we are pleased offer compliant, cost efficient solutions which are easy to install.”


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