Innovative new conformal coatings

Jon Lawson

Electrolube has recently introduced a selection of new conformal coatings, adding to its two-part (2K) range of products.

New products added to the Conformal Coatings series include the 2K350, 2K550 and 2K850 polyurethane coatings. 2K350 is a solvent-free coating that is opaque blue for ease of inspection. The UL94V-0 compliant coating is highly flexible and effectively combines the protection and properties of an encapsulation resin with the ease of a coating application. 2K350 has an operating range of -40 to +130°C and provides excellent coverage, while its extreme flexibility offers protection even around delicate components.

The hydrophobic coating gives excellent water immersion, salt mist and humidity protection, making it an excellent choice for automotive electronics.

The new 2K550 is a tough, flexible, high-performance coating that also provides the protection of a resin with the ease of application of a conformal coating. It is characterised by greater coating thickness and enhanced edge coverage and shows improved adhesion, hardness and scratch resistance. 2K550 has excellent clarity and resistance to discolouration, humidity and condensation. It also features a fluorescent trace to aid inspection.

The new UV cure coating, 2K850, combines the features and benefits of the 2K system with the speed and convenience of UV cure, enabling an immediate tack-free coating. Once the two components are mixed, the system guarantees complete cure at room temperature within 24 hours by a predictable chemical reaction, thereby enabling board calibration or further processing. In contrast, most single-part UV cure systems require moisture to diffuse through the UV cured coating sections. If the material is a decent barrier to humidity, full moisture cure beneath components can be measured in weeks or even months for some components. For sensitive designs, the constant changes in material properties as the moisture-cure process progresses can affect calibration. In a production scenario, this extended cure time can impact the amount of work in progress and require excessive buffering.

The 2K850 system features a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +130°C with excellent thermal shock performance. It provides the protection of a resin with the ease of application of a conformal coating.


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