Industrial Ethernet plug connector range expanded

Paul Boughton

Metz Connect has reeased a new version of the X-coded M12 field jack connector for Gigabit Ethernet.

After the two-pair D-coded M12 plug connectors and the X-coded M12 field plug for Industrial Ethernet in compliance with IEC 61076-2-109, Metz Connect has presented a new version of the X-coded M12 field jack connector for Gigabit Ethernet.

Connectors and connecting cables in various lengths are available in addition to the four-paired field-attachable M12 plug connectors. For the PCB connectors, Metz Connect provides both PCB sockets for front assembly as well as THR-enabled sockets for through-hole mounting.

With the X-coded M12 plug connectors, data transmission rates in the gigabit range (Cat. 6A up to 500 MHz bandwidth) are achieved with the proven M12 connection technology. Due to very high mechanical and electrical strength, they are perfectly suited for harsh industrial environments. When inserted, they are dirt and moisture resistant in accordance with IP67.

The 360° shielding ensures high EMC immunity, secure and reliable connections and with this, trouble-free data transmissions. The Profinet User Organisation, PNO has officially  added the X-coded M12 plug connectors to their wiring manual.

Now, Metz Connect has developed an M12 jack for field assembly for future-proof and high performance 10 Gigabit-Ethernet cabling in communications cabling and for automation control units. The jack is offered in two variants as X-coded version: with or without flange. The flange variant is suitable for installation in equipment, machines or plants and the variant without flange is used for free line connections.

In accordance with Cat.6A, these M12 jacks are suited for data transmission up to 10 Gigabits. Due to complete metal shielding with a robust zinc die-cast housing, the M12 jacks for field assembly can also be used for difficult transmission conditions without problems. In plugged state, the M12 jacks offer protection class IP67, unplugged jacks can be protected with a dust cap as option.

With the two jacks for field assembly, the Ethernet M12 product family, consisting of X or D-coded female connectors for PC boards, plugs for field assembly, cable assemblies and panel feed through adapters for electrical cabinets, is now extended further and systematised.