Indicating load cells and radio link load cells available from stock

Paul Boughton

LCM Systems is releasing the Self Indicating Link Load Cell (Sill) and Radio Telemetry Wireless Link Load Cell (Rill) as stock products. Customers who have previously specified bespoke load cells for lifting and weighing applications can choose therefore from a standard range of products resulting in faster delivery times and lower prices. The stainless steel TLL Load Monitoring Link is still available from LCM Systems as a special and can be manufactured to specific customer requirements. However, a standard version of this product will also be soon available from stock, as will a new wireless telemetry version.
Manufactured from high-tensile aluminium, both the Sill and Rill are lightweight, while the shackle holes are steel-bushed to ensure they are rugged and hardwearing. Both product ranges are easy to install and can be matched to standard shackle sizes. The Sill, with a range from 2.5-200tonnes, has an integral display and the applied weight or force can be shown in t, kg, lb or kN, as selected by the user. A built-in alarm also warns the operator when an applied level is met. The Rill link load cells use a license-free 2.4GHz radio frequency and are supplied with a battery-powered handheld indicator that displays the load in tonnes. They can be supplied as a simple Link or LCM's technical engineers can integrate them into more powerful radio systems.
Currently available as a special, the Load Monitoring Link (TLL) is constructed entirely from stainless steel and can be supplied with a rated load ranging from 5-100 tonnes.
Sealed to IP66, the load links are normally supplied with a MIL-specification plug and socket, although they can be supplied to exact specifications including size, range and output. All products are easy to install and, as with the Sill and Rill, can be matched to standard shackle sizes or shackles provided as part of a complete package. The TLL series can be combined with LCM Systems' extensive range of instrumentation to provide a complete load monitoring system.
A wireless version of the TLL is currently being developed to complete this comprehensive range of Link load cells from LCM Systems.
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