Inbuilt connectors added to junction boxes

Paul Boughton

The TwinBox is an individual junction box from Multi-Contact with an inbuilt connector. Designed for connecting thin film PV solar panels, the new single pole plug and socket units are suitable for automated or manual assembly.

Their compact design with integrated MC4 connector means cables can be shorter, with consequent savings on cable costs. It also reduces the amount of potting compound needed. High reliability is achieved by the precise matching of components, potting compound and adhesive pad.

The units have a rated current of 25A, with voltages rated at 1,000 V/1,500 V (IEC) and 600 V/1,000 V (UL). Environmental protection is IP65/IP68 when mated and IP2X unmated.

Accessories include sealing caps and an unlocking tool, consisting of a belt pouch with two open-ended metal spanners.

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