Hygienic process valves

Paul Boughton

Dixon has extended its range of hygienic process valves with the addition of the Dixon Rieger range of Mix Proof and Double Seat valves both hygienic and aseptic.

The range includes Mix-Proof valves, double seat valves which are an economical alternative to mix proof valves, hygienic pressure resistance valves, hygienic overflow valves, tank bottom, pigging (product recovery) valves and regulating valves.

Food and beverage, dairy, bio-processing, pharmaceuticals are applications where aseptic and hygienic conditions are required and cleanability is paramount.

Thanks to a modular block design, changing over to an aseptic design is possible for the single seat valves. Dixon Rieger valves are completely drainable and have a dead space free design. All valves come with Ra 0.8µm. Higher specification polishes and electro polishes are available. Solid housings manufactured from solid 316L bar and exotic materials such as Hastelloy are available. Certified to EHEDG and 3A.

Dixon Rieger valves offer:

* Simple and quick assembly without any special tools;

* Less seals in comparison to other similar products ensuring less failure and reduced costs associated with maintenance and optimised spare parts holding;

* The opening mode of the pneumatic actuator may be changed by a simple device modification from 'air open – spring close' to 'spring open – air close' and vice versa;

* Screwed pneumatic actuators for easy maintenance.

For more information, visit http://dixoneurope.co.uk

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