Hydrogen container gains official approval

Louise Smyth

NPROXX has announced that its type 4 carbon fibre pressure vessel has been certified. The pressure vessel, which operates at a nominal working pressure of 500 bar, has a usable H2 capacity of 6.5kg. It was approved by certification authority TÜV, and as a result it is now fully authorised to be used for hydrogen transportation on roads according to the international regulation for transport of dangerous goods (ADR 6.2).

"This certification is a milestone for NPROXX," said NPROXX Managing Director Reinhard Hinterreither. "This achievement confirms our technical approach is correct, the product is robust and market-ready. It enables us to market our advanced carbon fibre pressure vessels and the provision of related services to markets across the globe."

The ADR 6.2 certification is very demanding. It includes burst tests and fall tests, burning and ballistic testing and a detailed documentation process.

Advanced pressure vessels are widely considered as a key element of the growing hydrogen industry, allowing hydrogen transportation and storage in large volumes. The new product will come into operation for the first time within a hydrogen fuel station project in Germany, where 81 pressure vessels will be interconnected within a 20 foot container to function as a hydrogen storage system solution.


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