High-visibility power distribution unit

Louise Davis

Power distribution specialist ide Systems has launched the Vulcan range, a line of portable power distribution units available for sale through its new online store, ide Online.

The range is exclusive to the company’s store and each model is housed in a unique vibrant orange enclosure, making the products easily visible and safer than standard electrical equipment for construction and small outdoor event applications.

The Vulcan range has both single and three-phase units available, with a range of 16A single-phase up to 125A three-phase. Every unit has individually protected sockets to ensure compliance with relevant electrical regulatory guidelines such as EN 60309, with switchgear and tri-rated wiring all safely housed.

Units in the range are characterised by their unique orange housing, which is brightly coloured to maximise visibility and prevent damage. In addition, units have transparent windows to allow contractors to quickly identify the switchgear status, as well as easily access it if necessary. The enclosures are weatherproof and have an integrated carry handle for easy portability. Vulcan range units are compact in size, measuring from 260mm x 250mm to a maximum of 600mm x 400mm depending on model.

“The Vulcan range is the next logical step in safe and cost-effective temporary power distribution for smaller events,” explained Matt Collins, Business Development Manager of ide Systems. “Traditionally, distribution units have featured a black polyethylene housing that makes them discrete and non-distracting. While this certainly has its place in theatre and stage production environments, in other settings it’s advantageous from a health and safety perspective for units to be highly visible.

“The high visibility housing is also great for construction sites, where it is not uncommon for discrete units to be knocked during work, which impacts the product’s performance. Similarly, outdoor events are often busy during set up and pack up times, so low visibility can occasionally result in units being crushed by moving vehicles.

“Not only does the Vulcan range address this key issue but it is designed in a way that reduces the cost of purchase. As a result, these units are ideal for projects with tight budgets due to the low initial cost and reduced need for frequent replacement.”