High torque density brushless DC motors

Paul Boughton

Pittman Motors, a business unit of Ametek Precision Motion Control, has introduced the EC042B brushless DC motor series, its latest offering in a broad range of DC brush and brushless motors.

The high torque density model is designed as an economical, yet higher performance, general purpose servo motor. Its Nema 17 mounting configuration is adaptable to most metric mounting requirements, making it an easy upgrade for many stepper motor applications.

The EC042B motor is available in three motor lengths with a continuous torque range of 11Ncm–31Ncm and a peak torque range of 35Ncm–99Ncm. The EC042B has a maximum speed of 9000rpm and can be used with DC bus voltages up to 96 volts.  There are eight standard winding variations. Custom windings are available to further maximise exacting end-product requirements.

The EC042B’s motor construction features a high-energy, four-pole rotor with rare earth magnets for a high torque to inertia ratio. The stator assembly is designed with low-loss materials for higher-speed applications. The motor shaft is supported by shielded ball bearings that are preloaded for low vibration and quiet operation.

EC042B motors are available with optional Pittman PLG42S and PLG52S planetary gearboxes. Optical incremental encoders also are an option with line counts up to 2048, three channels, and line driver.

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