High temperature multi-mode thermometer

Paul Boughton

The new SPOT R100 is a high temperature multi-mode thermometer, combining five different operating modes, including a ratio setting, two single wavelengths, a multi-mode and duo setting.

The ratio setting is specifically designed for applications that include metal heat treatment, where the high accuracy temperature measurement provided by SPOT, is a vital component in overall process control and product quality.

The SPOT R100 sets a new standard for usability, with on-board processing capabilities, a separate signal processing device is not required. There is a simple user interface integral to the thermometer for local setup and configuration (including spot size and focus distance, live target temperature, emissivity, alarms, plus measurement range, etc). In addition, the instrument has an in-built visual camera to aid target alignment. Configuration can be achieved remotely over the internet via the dedicated web browser or SPOT Viewer software.

The size and shape of the SPOT design means it can easily replace existing installed thermometers.

SPOT thermometers use a patented green LED for sighting (no laser safety issues) to confirm spot size and focal length simply and accurately. All SPOT thermometers offer a combination of Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Video and Analogue (Input and Outputs) as standard. All the expected measurement parameters including Averaging, Peak Picking, Mode Master, Background Compensation are standard on all models.

For more information, visit www.spotthermometer.com

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