High temperature 80V quad diode

Paul Boughton

Cissoid’s CHT-ELARA is a high-temperature 80V quad diode. This new device includes four independent and dielectrically isolated diodes that can be connected in different configurations: in series, in parallel for higher current, or in a rectifier bridge.

Each individual diode can sustain a reverse voltage of 80V, has a maximum forward current of 900mA at 225°C and is suitable for operation from -55°C up to +225°C.

Monolithic integration provides better matching and thermal tracking between diodes while dielectric isolation offers design flexibility.

CHT-ELARA is packaged in a small hermetically sealed 5x5.5mm TDFP16 ceramic package, featuring a heat slug to achieve a junction-to-case thermal resistance as low as 11°C/W. High integration level and enhanced thermal characteristics make CHT-ELARA an optimal solution for power rectification, eg in flyback or forward DC-DC converters and gate drivers.

CHT-ELARA diodes have a low junction capacitance of 15pF at 25V reverse voltage, making them suitable for AC signal rectification, for example in a full-bridge rectifier easily implemented with a single chip. The diodes have a forward voltage of 0.33V for a forward current of 1mA at 225°C. They present a leakage current limited to 2µA at 80V reverse voltage and 225°C, making ELARA very suitable for high temperature voltage multipliers (charge-pump).

With a forward current of 450mA for a forward voltage of 1.5V at 225°C, ELARA can also be used in voltage clamping applications.