High speed precision cutter

4th May 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

Buehler’s IsoMet High Speed precision is designed to create efficient and consistent cuts in demanding environments, such as quality control lab validation of thermal spray coatings on engine turbines.

The IsoMet High Speed sections any sample using either diamond, cubic boron nitride or abrasive blades. 

The robust design provides consistent sectioning performance for busy laboratories with the following key features:

* Automated three-axis movement allows precise alignment and quick cutting. *Z-axis movement, IsoMet High Speed Pro

* Automatic Dressing System maintains consistent cut quality and reduces the frequency of changing the dressing stick. *IsoMet High Speed Pro

* Rapid Laser Alignment saves time with instant visual alignment with laser. *IsoMet High Speed Pro

* Intuitive Controls allow programming for repeatable and consistent single or serial sections.

* Quick Sample Adjustments offers fast and accurate placement and adjustment of the sample with the Rapid Rail and tool-less vising system.


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