High-sensitivity compact strain transducer

Paul Boughton

HBM has launched the CST/300 piezoelectric strain sensor to meet a growing industrial demand for compact measurement technology featuring high sensitivity.

The CST/300 piezoelectric strain transducer features a sensitivity of around 50 pC/N to ensure very high output signals and good reproducibility, even in challenging measurement environments. Very small strains of 10µm/m or less, or nominal strains of up to 300 µm/m, can easily be measured.

HBM’s innovative development of piezoelectrics in the CST/300 overcomes the traditional limits of strain sensors have in measuring minute strains, such as in objects that only evidence minor deformations under load, such as presses, welding plants or crimping machines, or when there is very little space available.

Strain sensors utilise measurement object deformations when a force is applied, for example in building monitoring tasks. These deformations are proportional to the force and are measured with a strain transducer that provides an improved economic alternative to integrated force sensors in numerous cases.

The CST/300 is just over 47mm long and is fixed in place with a single screw. It requires very little space and it is unaffected by external influences such as cable movements or electromagnetic fields.

For more information, visit www.hbm.com