High reliability DC-DC converters for extreme environment applications

Paul Boughton

Ginsbury have announced the availability of high power DC-DC Converters from leading US power solutions manufacturer, Pico Electronics. The Pico PA Series of high power DC-DC Converters include single and dual isolated output models with a regulated output of up to 250V DC and a maximum power output of 100Watts.

Standard features of the Pico PA series include a wide input voltage range of 18-36V DC and a typical full load efficiency of 82 per cent. A fixed operating frequency of 100Khz helps enable parallel connections for higher power requirements. The mechanically compact PA series converters are also fully safeguarded for over-voltage input, over-temperature operation and continuous short circuit protection. No additional external components are required.

The Pico PA series DC-DC converters are ideally suited for use in harsh environments and high reliability applications such avionics, defence, marine, oil and gas exploration, and industrial control. Customer options for product definition or specific testing requirements are available including: user defined output voltages, extended operating temperature range, product screening, burn in and temperature cycling tests.

Pico Electronics manufacture a wide range of high reliability, ultra miniature DC-DC converters and high power AC-DC power supplies featuring low profile, space saving designs with universal inputs and regulated outputs. All Pico products are manufactured and assembled in the USA to meet stringent commercial and certification requirements.

For more information, visit information, www.ginsbury.co.uk