High pressure ball valves include high pressure option

Paul Boughton

SSP's 83 Series family of high pressure ball valves, includes the H83 configuration for high pressure/severe service, diving, research and development and offshore control panel applications.

The 83 (2 way) and 83X (3 way) ball valves have a maximum allowable working pressure up to 6,000 psi (415 bar), and the H83/H83X ball valves are rated to 10,000 psi (689 bar). All configurations offer a 316ss, Alloy 400 or UNS N10276 body, and a variety of seats to meet application requirements.

Operating temperatures range from 0 to 4500˚F (-17 to 2320˚C), with optional low-temperature service rated at -40 to 2000˚F (-40 to 930˚C).

Additionally, all 83 Series ball valves feature a trunnion-style ball and blow out proof, bottom-loaded stem.

The compact, low operating torque of the 83 Series valves is perfect for side and bottom load applications. Also, end screw fittings allow for easy mix and match of desired end connections.

In addition, these new ball valves feature a handle with a stainless steel insert (vs. soft brass) providing a long service life with a better handle stop. SSP ball valves offer maximum chemical compatibility for pressure and temperature ratings, meet industry standards and are 100 per cent factory tested. Like many of SSP’s instrumentation products these valves feature SSP’s exclusive field support via Quick Response (QR) codes that can be accessed in the field via any smartphone.

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