High power laser diode with internal monitor photodiode at 637nm

Paul Boughton

Oclaro’s HL63142DG high power red laser diode is the first ever high power laser diode to offer an inbuilt monitor photodiode at a lasing wavelength of 637nm. It is a design which enables system designers to control optical power output by monitoring the photodiode current and adjusting power variants and temperature for precise control and constant performance.

Performance monitoring capabilities are essential for maintaining constant laser output in situations which are subject to fluctuations in temperature and operating environment such as the construction industry and biomedical applications where consistency must be maintained over time.

This innovative laser diode operates at a temperature range up to 50°C  at 100mW in the 637nm visible wavelength band in a TO industry standard 5.6mm package with N type pin configuration. It offers low operating current and low operating voltage which maintains low energy consumption even at 100mW high output power with TE mode oscillation and single transverse mode.

Oclaro (Opnext) has also introduced another new high-power red laser diode with built-in monitor photodiode. The HL65051DG 660nm laser diode is designed for applications such as LIDAR (laser imaging detection and ranging) and plastic optical fibre (POF) communications.

Utilising a proprietary design, the HL65051DG red laser diode is an addition to the Oclaro (Opnext) laser diode product family with built-in monitor photodiodes. Built-in monitoring allows control of the optical performance by monitoring the photodiode current and adjusting for temperature and power variants. Monitoring capabilities are needed to maintain constant laser output power in laser imaging detection, ranging applications and POF communications applications such as the automotive market.

The HL65051DG operates at a temperature range of up to 60°C and delivers 120mW in the 660nm wavelength band in a 5.6 mm diameter TO industry standard package.

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