High power density COTS AC/DC converter

Paul Boughton

Astrodyne Corporation now offers a high power density COTS AC/DC converter in its Super MegaVerter series. The high efficiency sMV500 family provides 500 W of power.

Suitable for use in the most rigorous requirements of mil/aero COTS and other thermally challenging applications, this new power supply uses an IMS metal baseplate, planar transformers and surface mount construction to produce maximum power density and performance.

The unit features a high power density in excess of 90 W/in³, high typical AC to DC efficiency in excess of 90% at 230VAC and an adjustable output voltage ranging from 60 – 120% of Vo.  The unit has output Vo of 12Vdc, 28Vdc and 48Vdc.

The power supply module comes in an industry standard 4.6” x 2.4” x 0.5” footprint, has an input range of 85 to 265 VAC and a frequency range of 47 to 440Hz.

Astrodyne’s sMV500 features over temperature, over voltage as well as over current and short circuit protection. The unit has a baseplate operating temperature of -40 to +100°C, can be used in both parallel and series configurations and includes remote sensing and very low output noise.