High performance resins

Jon Lawson

Electrolube has recently launched five key new resin products for automotive, electronics and LED manufacturers.

Electrolube’s resin products are designed and formulated to maximise electronic circuit protection, ensuring the longevity and reliability of devices that subsequently help to preserve the brand reputation of its customers.

The company’s epoxy resin portfolio includes a variety of clear, white and black single- and two-part products with a host of beneficial properties to meet requirements from potting and sealing to dipping, including exceptional electrical and thermal characteristics, flame retardancy and resistance to chemicals and fuels.

Electrolube’s newest epoxy resin to debut at electronica has been developed specifically for the automotive industry.

ER2223 is a black, very high temperature, stable epoxy with an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -40 to 180˚C.

The product is designed to meet the needs of under-bonnet requirements and is highly chemically resistant to vehicle fluids found in engine compartments.

The company’s new ER2224 is also suited to automotive applications, ER2224 is a thermally conductive epoxy resin system, which offers an improved method of cure and subsequent health and safety benefits for the user.

ER2224 provides high thermal conductivity and good thermal cycling performance. The resin is also suitable for use in LED lighting units where it helps to promote heat dissipation and prolong unit service life.

ER4002 is a newly developed flame retardant epoxy resin with excellent electrical and high temperature performance and a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +150˚C.

The resin is suitable for the encapsulation of delicate electronic and electrical components and features low mixing viscosity and good flow characteristics.

The outstanding dielectric strength of ER4002 makes it ideal for automotive encapsulation applications.

Electrolube's polyurethane resins come in white, black, blue, clear straw, hazy/cloudy and optically clear formulations and, in common with the epoxy range, offer a host of properties to meet the needs of high-temperature environments and those exposed to chemical contamination, mechanical stress or shock and moisture ingress.

New polyurethane resin systems on show will feature UR5638, a tough, low exotherm resin, which provides a clear, transparent finish.

Due to its low exotherm, UR5638 is particularly suitable for applications involving the encapsulation of larger LED lighting units and as an aliphatic polymer, the resin also offers superior UV stability as well as excellent transmission of visible light, making it an suitable resin for white light LEDs.

An additional new polyurethane resin, designed for encapsulating a variety of electrical components, but particularly LEDs, is Electrolube’s new UR5639.

The low exotherm, low viscosity, low hardness resin is a clear/transparent polyurethane system with a particularly high level of flexibility achieved by the cured resin, which ensures that the connecting legs of components are not placed under high levels of stress during the cure.