High-performance polyurethane encapsulating/potting compound and adhesive

Paul Boughton

Intertronics has introduced two new variants of its high-performance Opti-tec 4200 polyurethane encapsulating/potting compound and adhesive.

Opti-tec 4210 is 'water white clear' and is very hard (Shore D 80) - giving it excellent scratch-resistance. Opti-tec 4210 is suitable for the potting and protection of LED lighting projects, including LED tracks, arrays and luminaires, and protection of electronics located outside or likely to be walked on, such as uplighters, exits on airplanes, theatres and similar.

Conversely, Opti-tec 4220 is also intended for LED potting but cures to a translucent, opalescent white – it allows the light to shine through but hides the underlying componentry.  This makes it suitable for decorative or aesthetic purposes like decorative lighting, signage etc.

Both Opti-tec 4210 and 4220 feature excellent non-yellowing colour stability, due to the incorporation of both UV resistant base materials and the addition of UV stabilizers and antioxidants. They may be used for a range of applications from high value LED panel installations to signage and decorative lighting exhibits.

Polyurethane materials are typically harder than silicones, making them resistant to impacts and mechanical loads.

The Opti-tec products are easy to mix, with low viscosity, excellent penetration/air release, low shrinkage and low exothermic properties. Opti-tec 4210 and 4220 are available in convenient side-by-side double syringe cartridges, twin pack sachets and bulk packaging.

For more information, visit www.intertronics.co.uk