High performance oscilloscope

Paul Boughton

The Amplicon Test and Measurement division has introduced the new Teledyne LeCroy WaveJet Touch; a high performance, low cost oscilloscope with a variety of debugging tools and flexible connectivity.

The new Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes come in either 350MHz or 500MHz bandwidth; as well as having an extremely small footprint for easy portability, they come with 2GS/s and 5Mpts long memory.

All channels on the oscilloscope can have active digital filtering, performing low-pass, high-pass and moving average filter operations, so unwanted frequencies are removed leaving only the desired ones. While the digital filters are active math trace functions can still be used for a more thorough analysis. So no anomalies/events can be missed, the WaveJet Touch replay mode past waveforms can be quickly recalled and isolated.

Aside from the normal acquisition mode, the WaveJet Touch has many alternative methods including peak detect, where the maximum and minimum sample points are saved during two waveform intervals, as well as its corresponding waveform points. This is especially useful for viewing narrow pulses spaced far apart.

Each of these modes have an equivalent time sampling rate of 100GSa/s; automatic measurements can be made with 26 different parameters and min/max statistics, with up to four measurements being displayed simultaneously. The oscilloscope is also able to measure all occurrences of a parameter in a single acquisition.